The Second Day in DC


We were up and out early after being treated to an extensive breakfast buffet in our hotel. That morning, Mary, the Dean's wife saw a person from the Daily Show eating breakfast at the next table. She managed to get a picture of him while pretending to take a picture of the dining room. After our celebrity spotting was over, we formed up outside to take the metro to the Supreme Court. Dustin managed to find the way as that was one of his assignments before we left Culver-Stockton. So, Dustin, the Dean and I conferred on the route and we found this huge, white, shiny building just across the mall from the Capitol Building. That was the Supreme Court. Quite the beauty. We immediately lined up behind lots and lots of other people who were there trying to get into see the oral arguments in a pending case. There was so much confusion because the regular line up system was not being used the day were were there. So, none of the people lined up had any idea of what was going on or when we were going to be able to get into the building. Every time we inquired of the DC police we seemed to receive a different answer and none of the answers really gave us much useful information. We stood in the rain that came down off and on. Some of our students didn't have rain gear or umbrellas but managed to brave the elements without much comment. While we stood in line we were treated to two different protesters who were walking up and down on the public sidewalk carrying signs about different topics. One gray haired woman was sporting a lone sign that spoke to the death penalty and something else that we couldn't ascertain. Another gentleman showed up with several signs on a push cart that I for the life of me, couldn't figure out. From time to time the DC police would come down from the steps of the Supreme Court building and roust the guy with the push cart. He would then toddle on down the street only to wander back in front of the growing lined up crowd. We watched this scenario play out a few times until the guy disappeared around the corner. We stood for two hours until we saw a long line of people with orange tickets walk to the front of the building and go inside. Turns out that they were some special group that had a reserved tour set up by some Federal Marshalls. Go Figure. The Dean and I decided that we needed to abandon the plan of seeing the oral argument and just take the public tour of the Court. So, that is what we did. We went in through the public entrance, saw the exhibits, went to the gift shop and saw a film about the workings of the Supreme Court. After that we headed to Ford's Theater.

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The District of Columbia


It's Sunday morning, the time is currently 5:40 a.m. and I am thinking to myself "this is going to be a long boring trip." Little did I know that come Wednesday I would realize that the trip to Washington D.C. would be an amazing trip that I had spent with my fellow senior's in the criminal justice field.
Sunday, the day included a lot of traveling, going from school to St.Louis, from St.Louis to Baltimore, Maryland (on my first plane ride ever!), from Baltimore to Washington D.C. and then taking the metro to our hotel which was the best hotel I have ever been in. After getting settled in the hotel it wasn't even 20 minutes that we had to get ready to go to dinner at the Cannon Building for a Culver-Stockton alumni reception, this concluded our events for Sunday.
Monday, we woke up early in the morning to have an amazing breakfast and then get back on the metro to get to the Supreme Court. Once we got to the supreme court we had to stand in line for about 2 hours to only find out that we wouldn't get in due to lack of reservations. This severely disappointed a lot of us, but the good times didn't stop. We went inside the Supreme Court to watch a video about what goes down in the Supreme Court. After the Supreme Court we then went to Ford's Theater and got to see the place where President Abraham Lincoln was shot, this place was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much.
Tuesday, this was my favorite day. We got to sleep in and took a very relaxing day where we got to a bus tour of the monuments in the national mall. The World War II memorial was the monument that was really personal to me, having grandfathers who fought in the war. The monument tour is something that I would recommend to anyone to go see. After the tour we traveled all the way to Quantico, Virginia to take a tour to the DEA Training Academy. We got to meet a special agent and he gave us a tour of the facility and told us amazing stories of his experiences on the job and in the field.
Wednesday, was the wrap up day, we had to get up extremely early to get our bags packed and down to the lobby of the hotel, being that we had little time after our tours for the day. We got tours of the Capitol Building and the White House which we very cool and interesting buildings to be in, but the unfortunate thing was while we were in Washington D.C. our President was in Quincy, Illinois. Ironic? maybe
This trip was a very enjoyable new experience for me and I very much enjoyed it. I plan to go back to Washington D.C. sometime and see everything that I didn't get to see.
Jon Tatum

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Criminal Justice D.C. Trip


My favorite day of the trip was Monday. It started off by our class going to the United States Supreme Court. Once inside we watched a short film about the history of the building and the art work on the building. After which our class went to several national monuments starting with the World War two memoral, followed by the Lincon, Korean, Vietnam, and then took a trip to the Drug Enforcement Agency training facility. Out of all the monuments that I had seen that day my favorite was the Vietnam memoral because it showed the serious nature of the war both abroad and here at home. While in Washington D.C I also sampled some of the local Indian food, which was owned by our waitress' parents with all the food being made from scrach and was some of the best I ever had.

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Great trip!


The trip to DC was not only an interesting experience, but it motivated me to be successful. Seeing our nation's capital in action was a great way to learn what happens on an everyday basis. We stayed at a high class hotel which was full of successful individuals. Also the weight room was amazing.

The highlight of our trip was going inside the Supreme Court building. Although we were unable to hear an oral argument, it was still pretty cool to be inside the United States Supreme Court. We also went to the DEA where we heard from a secret agent and he talked about his experiences going under cover and taking down some of the highest drug lords.
The crew that went on this trip made the experience what it was. I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and sharing this experience with them. Overal i give this trip a 10/10 A+.... It was well planned and a great time. Barack O'bama better watch out because I'm moving into the white house... Sweeney for president

Posted at 10:20 AM by Michael Sweeney

Washington DC


The senior seminar class recently went to Washington DC. I had flown before but had never been to DC. Once we got there we got a first hand experience in riding public transportation. We rode a bus from the airport to the metro station and had to change trains a couple times before arriving at Woodley Park-Zoo, which was the metro stop that our hotel was located at. Once we got checked in we headed to an alumi dinner at the capitol. Each of the other days we spent sight seeing. My favorite day was Tuesday. We had a bus tour of the monuments. I really enjoyed seeing the Lincoln memorial and the World War II memorial. Each of the memorials were very somber and it was a very moving experience. I took alot of picture and will keep those as memories of all the things I saw. At the Vietnam Memorial I located the name of one of my mother's friends who died in Vietnam. I took a picture of the name so that she could see it. Also, going to the DEA was very interesting. We had a very good tour guide who shared alot of stories from his many years of experience in the DEA.

Seeing the city life was interesting because it is very different from the small town life we lead in Canton. However, I do not think that living in DC is a life that I would want to have. There are so many people and they are always in a hurry and rushing around. I like my car and I like living in this area. Our trip to DC, overall, was very rewarding and I am very grateful that I had the experience to go and see all the things I got to see.
Jessica Fox

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The Second Time Around


As my title would suggest, I have visited Washington D.C. once before. Therefore, I had already experienced many of the sights and sounds of D.C. However, one new experience that was particularly interesting was the DEA building and the Special Agent that talked to us. This was intriguing for me because I am very interested in federal law enforcement. Our Special Agent provided us with some Q and A and a very informational video. We were then given a tour and provided with many stories from the field work over the career of our Special Agent. He told us about all of his close calls and was very open with us about his work and the agency as a whole. The visit was ended with the Special Agent telling us how to apply and giving us his name and phone number for any questions just proving how personable and helpful he was.

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4 Days in D.C.


Sunday the metro bus ride was not a good ride it was way packed! Then once to the metro we had to ALWAYS get on the packed metro instead of waiting one more minute to get on an unpacked metro. Taking our bags on the metro was alot of work. People just keep walking whether your bags are in front of you..I mean we couldn’t move any more so did they think out bags could move more. Anyways dinner Sunday night was just dinner it seemed like too much talk about other things then about living in D.C.
Monday was another day, we didn’t get into the Supreme Court, Ford's theatre was neat and fun, and then we went to Hard Rock Cafe which was probably the best meal we had all 4 days!! Monday night we had dinner as a group and the college paid for it! It was okay!
Tuesday we spent the day with JUDY! We went to all the monuments which were fun and neat! We took alot of pictures there. We had a bus for like 40 people and only ten of us was on there we went to the DEA which was fun. To Arlington Cemetery to changing of the guards, very neat to see, it makes you respect service men even more being there and see how important it is to them and everyone around.
Wednesday we went to the capital and white house which was neat but I wish we could have seen more of each. But by the time we were on the plane I was soooo ready to be home!
Thanks EXP Money for letting me go on the trip to Washington D.C. Sorry Dustin for just now hitting you in your BAD ARM!

Posted at 10:19 AM by Brittany Hines