4 Days in D.C.


Sunday the metro bus ride was not a good ride it was way packed! Then once to the metro we had to ALWAYS get on the packed metro instead of waiting one more minute to get on an unpacked metro. Taking our bags on the metro was alot of work. People just keep walking whether your bags are in front of you..I mean we couldn’t move any more so did they think out bags could move more. Anyways dinner Sunday night was just dinner it seemed like too much talk about other things then about living in D.C.
Monday was another day, we didn’t get into the Supreme Court, Ford's theatre was neat and fun, and then we went to Hard Rock Cafe which was probably the best meal we had all 4 days!! Monday night we had dinner as a group and the college paid for it! It was okay!
Tuesday we spent the day with JUDY! We went to all the monuments which were fun and neat! We took alot of pictures there. We had a bus for like 40 people and only ten of us was on there we went to the DEA which was fun. To Arlington Cemetery to changing of the guards, very neat to see, it makes you respect service men even more being there and see how important it is to them and everyone around.
Wednesday we went to the capital and white house which was neat but I wish we could have seen more of each. But by the time we were on the plane I was soooo ready to be home!
Thanks EXP Money for letting me go on the trip to Washington D.C. Sorry Dustin for just now hitting you in your BAD ARM!

Posted at 10:19 AM by Brittany Hines