The District of Columbia


It's Sunday morning, the time is currently 5:40 a.m. and I am thinking to myself "this is going to be a long boring trip." Little did I know that come Wednesday I would realize that the trip to Washington D.C. would be an amazing trip that I had spent with my fellow senior's in the criminal justice field.
Sunday, the day included a lot of traveling, going from school to St.Louis, from St.Louis to Baltimore, Maryland (on my first plane ride ever!), from Baltimore to Washington D.C. and then taking the metro to our hotel which was the best hotel I have ever been in. After getting settled in the hotel it wasn't even 20 minutes that we had to get ready to go to dinner at the Cannon Building for a Culver-Stockton alumni reception, this concluded our events for Sunday.
Monday, we woke up early in the morning to have an amazing breakfast and then get back on the metro to get to the Supreme Court. Once we got to the supreme court we had to stand in line for about 2 hours to only find out that we wouldn't get in due to lack of reservations. This severely disappointed a lot of us, but the good times didn't stop. We went inside the Supreme Court to watch a video about what goes down in the Supreme Court. After the Supreme Court we then went to Ford's Theater and got to see the place where President Abraham Lincoln was shot, this place was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much.
Tuesday, this was my favorite day. We got to sleep in and took a very relaxing day where we got to a bus tour of the monuments in the national mall. The World War II memorial was the monument that was really personal to me, having grandfathers who fought in the war. The monument tour is something that I would recommend to anyone to go see. After the tour we traveled all the way to Quantico, Virginia to take a tour to the DEA Training Academy. We got to meet a special agent and he gave us a tour of the facility and told us amazing stories of his experiences on the job and in the field.
Wednesday, was the wrap up day, we had to get up extremely early to get our bags packed and down to the lobby of the hotel, being that we had little time after our tours for the day. We got tours of the Capitol Building and the White House which we very cool and interesting buildings to be in, but the unfortunate thing was while we were in Washington D.C. our President was in Quincy, Illinois. Ironic? maybe
This trip was a very enjoyable new experience for me and I very much enjoyed it. I plan to go back to Washington D.C. sometime and see everything that I didn't get to see.
Jon Tatum

Posted at 10:26 AM by Jon Tatum