Washington DC


The senior seminar class recently went to Washington DC. I had flown before but had never been to DC. Once we got there we got a first hand experience in riding public transportation. We rode a bus from the airport to the metro station and had to change trains a couple times before arriving at Woodley Park-Zoo, which was the metro stop that our hotel was located at. Once we got checked in we headed to an alumi dinner at the capitol. Each of the other days we spent sight seeing. My favorite day was Tuesday. We had a bus tour of the monuments. I really enjoyed seeing the Lincoln memorial and the World War II memorial. Each of the memorials were very somber and it was a very moving experience. I took alot of picture and will keep those as memories of all the things I saw. At the Vietnam Memorial I located the name of one of my mother's friends who died in Vietnam. I took a picture of the name so that she could see it. Also, going to the DEA was very interesting. We had a very good tour guide who shared alot of stories from his many years of experience in the DEA.

Seeing the city life was interesting because it is very different from the small town life we lead in Canton. However, I do not think that living in DC is a life that I would want to have. There are so many people and they are always in a hurry and rushing around. I like my car and I like living in this area. Our trip to DC, overall, was very rewarding and I am very grateful that I had the experience to go and see all the things I got to see.
Jessica Fox

Posted at 10:20 AM by Jessica Fox