Great trip!


The trip to DC was not only an interesting experience, but it motivated me to be successful. Seeing our nation's capital in action was a great way to learn what happens on an everyday basis. We stayed at a high class hotel which was full of successful individuals. Also the weight room was amazing.

The highlight of our trip was going inside the Supreme Court building. Although we were unable to hear an oral argument, it was still pretty cool to be inside the United States Supreme Court. We also went to the DEA where we heard from a secret agent and he talked about his experiences going under cover and taking down some of the highest drug lords.
The crew that went on this trip made the experience what it was. I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and sharing this experience with them. Overal i give this trip a 10/10 A+.... It was well planned and a great time. Barack O'bama better watch out because I'm moving into the white house... Sweeney for president

Posted at 10:20 AM by Michael Sweeney