Sweeney Don't Be a Hero


Washington D.C. is a very intense city. The first day we got there we were riding a escalator that was probably a good half mile straight up. About a third of the way up the escalator decided not to work anymore. Mike Sweeney being the hero that he is pushed us to walk the rest of the way. When most people wanted to give up Sweeney put his life on the line to make sure everyone made it up the escalator alive. After that we arrived at our hotel. It was probably the nicest hotel most of us have ever stayed at. We were in D.C. from Sunday to Wednesday and overall it was a good time. We visited Ford's Theatre, saw all of the monuments, and the White House. On average we probably walked 2-3 miles a day which forced us to sit in the hot tub for a good hour every night. The highlight of the was eating nice Italian food and visiting the DEA. The DEA was very difficult to find but once we got there it was a lot of fun. I believe a lot of students left there wanting to apply to the DEA.

Posted at 10:17 AM by Jordan Ayers