Part Two


I am sitting in the Metro Lounge in Chicago waiting for my train to Quincy as I blog this. The first part of this was abruptly truncated because I must have clicked on something before I was done writing and proofing the post. Sigh. So, this is the continuation of that first post. One of my student's parents showed up to the alumni dinner and I was so glad to meet them. It was Aaron Vinnick's parents and they live in Washington, DC and came to meet me and greet our other students. I sat next to them at dinner and was able to visit with them extensively. Aaron's Dad is an attorney in Washington so we had lots in common. His Mother is charming and so gracious that she invited me to bring my class next year to have dinner with them when we come to Washington. What a nice offer. One of Culver's alums organized the dinner and spent quite a bit of time describing how she wound up in Washington and what she did right after graduating from Culver. She emphasized to our students that sometimes career paths take turns that are unexpected. She shared lots of stories about living and working in Washington that I found quite fascinating. We left there and returned to our hotel. We all formed up on the patio to talk about the itinerary for the next day and to listen to the Dean's daughters talk about their lives and careers in DC. They had different perspectives about life in a big city, how expensive it was, and how you can live quite nicely without a vehicle. It was getting sort of chilly outside so we packed it in for the night. The kids adjourned to the hot tub and I retired to my room. That was how our first day in DC ended.

Posted at 3:26 PM by Judy Abbott